Music video of Lady Gaga’s new single:Bad Romance,Source:YouTube, uploaded January 7

While Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance may be on top of the UK singles charts, her new sales strategy is anything but orthodox.

Early last year, The Guardian noted that the pop singer’s “ambitions stretch way beyond being a one-hit wonder”.

True to those ambitions,the RollingStone Magazine reports that Gaga’s new album The Fame Monster comes with an added value gift of hair from her wigs.

The self-acclaimed fame monster has decided to interact with her fans in what Music Ally Bulletin describes as “an extreme extension of the meet and greet”.

Giving out her very own DNA to fans is a shock in itself, but columnist Bryony Gordon argues in The Guardian that “Lady Gaga is the ultimate triumph of style over substance”.

Gaga’s Eccentric Dress Sense
Gordon believes that while Gaga may have a good voice, it’s difficult to pay attention to it because she seems to have been

“dressed by a blacksmith on an acid trip”.

Her eccentric dress sense has certainly paid off, as reports that Lady Gaga was ranked by Google as the most searched image on the internet in 2009.

The website noted that it was not “who lady Gaga was wearing” but “what she was wearing” that aroused such public curiosity.

Lady Gaga’s weird gifts and occultic fashion sense may have won public attention,but she is only one amongst numerous attention seeking artists.

Kanye West, another fame monster may have thrived as much on controversy and questionable character as he has on music.

Kanye West’s Infamous VMA Remarks

Kanye West. Photo: Kim Erlandsen/NRK P3

Most people who viewed MTV’s 2OO9 Video Music Awards may not remember every single artist who took away trophies.

Though Kanye West did not win any award during the event, reports that his interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech stole the attention of almost 300,000 tweets worldwide.

Kanye West’s display of unbridled temper at Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech was described by Mashable.Com’s Pete Cashmore as the VMA’s “YouTube Moment”.

Whether the interruption was genuinely bad manners or staged is left almost entirely to conjecture. What is certain is Kanye took away Taylor Swift’s one minute of fame.

The obsession with winning audiences in the showbiz industry reminds me of the ancient AIDA marketing model.

The AIDA Principle

The AIDA marketing principle has become widely used by everyone with anything to sell(musicians included). notes that the model was based on four steps:
1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action

Lady Gaga’s flamboyant outfits and Kanye West’s temper have arguably drawn more than enough ATTENTION to their brands.

It is almost a routine reaction to see fans of artists like gaga screaming in gaga-ish hysteria everytime they appear in the latest fashion fad.

With falling CD sales, Music Ally Bulletin’s editor Stuart Dredge explains in The Guardian that artists have to make money in other ways .

The fight to top charts may mean more creative and maybe offensive sales strategies to be expected in the future.



Brian Aboringong holds an MA in Journalism from the University of Westminster in London. Prior to his sojourn in London he grabbed a B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea in Cameroon-West Africa, where he is currently taking a Ph.D in Mass Communication. Besides journalism, he is a talented vocalist and singer-songwriter who is passionate about all things music. Contact Brian at: or call (+237)675970624

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